Emily Steinwehe plants a peach tree in Madison, Wisconsin for her business, Emily Plants, LLC.Emily loves to plant trees and shrubs! It is her life’s ambition to bring edible landscapes into people’s lives, yards, and schools. Emily earned a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biology from Valparaiso University in 2001. She has been an avid gardener since 2005. Emily started pursuing her business idea in 2011 and planted over 200 trees in 2015.

Emily is a professional naturalist. In addition to Emily Plants, she works at Blooming Grove Montessori, educating children about the natural world. Emily also works at Door Creek Orchard, an established commercial orchard east of Madison, where she prunes trees and provides visitors to the orchard with an orientation of apple production and varieties.

Emily and her husband, Greg Dixon, maintain two apple trees in their yard, along with two pear trees, one cherry tree, a plum tree, three blueberries, three gooseberries, four honeyberries, four mushroom logs, strawberries, figs, and four serviceberry (juneberry) plants. All of these food plants, plus native plantings and a vegetable garden, fit comfortably in their backyard in Madison’s southeast corner, providing organic food throughout the growing season.

Here is the same peach tree one year later!