Community Involvement

I believe in planting edibles wherever possible so that everyone can have a chance to enjoy eating local fruits, nuts, and other foods. However, some organizations have a difficult time paying for these additions to their properties. With support from the local community, I have been fortunate to work with several preschools and community centers to plant edibles on their properties. If you would like to join these efforts, let me know!

For 2019 I have partnered with to establish more edible landscapes in Dane County and beyond.

In 2016 and 2017, I worked with Toad Hill and Blooming Grove Montessori to plant multiple fruit trees at cost.

The main community project for 2016 was planting at Goodman Community Center in Madison. They hired me to install edibles for their Seed to Table Program. The Seed to Table preservation program at the Goodman Community Center is a multi-layered project. Its goals include harvesting locally grown and gleaned foods, teaching young people and other community members to can, dehydrate, freeze and ferment local produce, eliminate waste,  and prolong the growing season.  The program aims to preserve 3,000 pounds of local produce each calendar year.  This food will then be given out through the Fritz food pantry at the Goodman Community Center and will enrich the dietary options for its pantry recipients.

For more information on the Seed to Table program, you can visit this link:

We planted 3 peach trees, 1 Russian quince, 1 North Star tart cherry, 1 white currant, 1 red currant, and 5 raspberries.

Thank you for your donations! Here are pictures of a few of the plants:




Stop by and see them anytime. They are located along the bike trail.