Pre-Planting Checklist

Planning your edible landscape is key to your success. Emily Plants suggests thinking about the following:

  • What plants do you like to eat? What are your favorite fruits? Are you willing to try some unusual fruits that are very low maintenance?
  • Is there an accessible water source nearby?
  • Are soil type, climate, and exposure (sun, shade, and wind) appropriate for the plants that you want to grow? If you are unsure, please ask!
  • Are there gas, electric, cable, water, sprinkler, or invisible fence lines in the area? If unsure, visit or call 811 at least three working days before planting. ¬†They will mark most underground lines for free, except privately installed lines.
  • Is the planting area accessible? Are all gates unlocked?

Amelanchier spp. (Juneberry aka Serviceberry) in bloom.