Pre-Planting Checklist

Planning your edible landscape is key to your success. Emily suggests thinking about the following:

  • What plants do you like to eat? What are your favorite fruits? Are you willing to try some unusual fruits that are very low maintenance?
  • Is there a water source nearby?
  • Are soil type, climate, and exposure (sun, shade, and wind) appropriate for what you want to grow? If you are unsure, please ask!
  • Always visit or call 811 at least three working days before planting. ¬†They will mark most underground lines for free, except privately installed lines like wiring to sheds, outdoor lighting and garages. You will need to try to figure out the location of these lines and avoid planting near them.
  • Is the planting area accessible?

Amelanchier spp. (Juneberry aka Serviceberry) in bloom.